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The excellence of training in the kitchen sector passes through the importance given to all the professional figures involved in the catering industry. Italian Food Academy, thanks to a careful study of this ever-evolving world, organizes courses, masters and specializations with the aim of transmitting ancient knowledge and new approaches of a profession that is art and needs skills, study, research and a lot of passion.

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Thanks to the quality of training courses and Italian Food Academy's vast network of partners, our trainees easily find placements after training with us.


IFA provides participants with 20 regional venues where the practical phase of the training courses takes place, under the guidance of chefs and influential figures from the world of food and wine.


Our teaching method, patented and certified by TÜV with the ISO9001 certificate, aims to transmit to students the most advanced techniques in the world of catering, as well as an in-depth knowledge of raw materials and Italian food and wine culture; all accompanied by an awareness of the importance of tradition in Made in Italy. Our goal is to create true ambassadors of Italian cuisine and tradition in the world!


Italian Food Academy is an organization dedicated to the promotion and appreciation of Italian gastronomic culture around the world. Its mission is to spread knowledge and appreciation of Italian food and wine through courses, events and training activities.

To achieve these goals, Italian Food Academy has forged important partnerships with some of the most important representatives of the Italian food industry, thus becoming a point of reference for all those who wish to deepen their knowledge of Italian cuisine.

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Korean cooking class


Online Course in Food Truck Business Manager

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Meat Specialist Course

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Online Course for PR and Press Office for Food

Learn all the secrets of communication

Food Influencer Online Course

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Food Styling for the Media Course


Very pleased with the master's degree. To be recommended. To be prolonged in order to deepen the some key issues. Absolutely positive judgment.

Sergio P.
The time in the classroom was really great in that, every day, it was a challenge primarily with myself in learning new topics all the time. Also, you get a chance to be in contact with professionals in the industry and to understand how the way of hospitality works at the highest level in Italy.
Francesca P.
The master's program was above my expectations in both organization and quality of classes.
Giuliana D.
High level master's degree, outstanding tutors! Professional, charismatic lecturers who gave continuous stimulation. A longer master's degree would be preferable, but with fewer daily hours. Thank you for everything
Lucia C.
Going back to the school desks was great! An awakening of the senses!
Francesca T.
Especially for those in the industry, the master's degree completes many gaps.
Raphael A.
Really knowledgeable and professional lecturers. Expectations met. Excellent teaching materials.
Julius D.
Highly professional master's degree, carried out in a simple way, but with high cognitive output and high performance of both lecturers and Dr. Cristella. Beautiful educational experience.
Louis M.
All excellent. Above and beyond expectations. I definitely come out of the classroom with a nice extra wealth of knowledge. All the teachers were able to engage us and transfer their great experiences to us.
Luke M.
Excellent process of exposition of topics, expectations met, good practical approach.
Joseph I.
Expectations met in full.
Nicholas P.
I feel satisfied with how the lecturers laid out the topics in a very professional manner, and even though the course lasted only a week, I equally feel that I learned a lot of new things that will help me in my career path. I thank Italian Food Academy for this great opportunity.
Lorenzo C.


Lots of courses, masters and specializations to learn cooking techniques, recipes, tool use and innovations in the fascinating world of Cooking. Where the watchword is "getting your hands in the dough!"


The ancient and noble art of pastry-making dissected in many courses, which will make you learn the secrets of tradition and new trends in the industry. To prepare desserts and cakes of spectacular beauty and goodness.


Acquire all the skills required by the Food&Wine sector to fill important managerial roles in the restaurant industry. Tell the fascinating world of cooking thanks to the most innovative techniques of communication, including visual communication. All this thanks to IFA masters and courses in the area of Management and Communication.


The training of excellence of students and the creation of educational paths in line with the demands of the labor market are our goals, our vocation. Our teachers are chefs of recognized professionalism with extensive teaching experience, who have the skills and passion necessary to effectively train tomorrow's protagonists of Italian and international cuisine. Contact us at our toll-free number, or email us to find out more about the institute or for proposals for collaborations, partnerships and sponsorships.

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Excellence is now more affordable

Thanks to the Chef Bonus you can get a credit of up to 6,000 euros for expenses incurred in 2021 and 2022 for your professional training.  

Starting February 27, 2023, it will be possible to apply to the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy for the Chef Bonus.


Bonus Chef 2023 consists of a 40% tax credit (up to a maximum of 6,000 euros) recognized on expenses related to the restaurant industry for individuals engaged in the activity of professional chef at hotels and restaurants.


- you must have incurred, between January 1, 2021 and December 31, 2022, one or more of the expenses deemed eligible for the benefit

- one must be a resident or established of the state territory;

- Applicants must be in the full enjoyment of civil rights.


- Purchase of durable capital goods (high energy class machinery for food storage, processing, processing and cooking, professional tools and equipment for catering)

- Participation in professional development courses.


The 40% credit can be used for offsetting by F24, which must be submitted to the Internal Revenue Service. The credit is exempt from IRPEF and IRAP. 

It is also possible to assign the credit with the transfer of the facility to other parties, including credit institutions and other financial intermediaries. 

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